MEng Miłosz Mielcarek

Graduate of international master's studies in forestry (spec. Forest Information Technology) carried out in the Faculty of Forestry at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland) and the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (Germany).


Scope of scientific interests:

• The use of Geographic Information System (GIS), photogrammetry and remote sensing in forestry.

• The use of airborne and terrestrial laser scanning in forestry.

• The use of classical photogrammetry and remote sensing in environmental analysis.


Summing up the issues of scientific interest is closely related to the forest inventory issues using modern, remote sensing methods of measuring the parameters of trees and stands, in particular, stereophotogrammetry and remote sensing and the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in the field of forestry.



• acquisition, processing and preparing geospatial data in programs: ArcMap 10.X, ERDAS IMAGINE) - evidenced by certificates

• use of ArcGIS, ArcPad software field - certified,

• vegetation analysis using ENVI software - certified,

• LiDAR data processing (classifying, generating digital elevation models)

• preparation of digital maps,

• stereophotogrammetric measurements using LPS and Dephos software,

• knowledge of the basics of object-oriented programming and UML (certified)

• database modeling,

• performing basic statistical analysis (SPSS, Statistica)

• use terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).



• science, politics, film, music, sport.

Miłosz Mielcarek
phone no.
22 7150 377

Forest Research Institute

Deoartment of Forest Resources Management

ul. Braci Leśnej 3, Bud. A, p. 103

Sękocin Stary

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