Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,
The concept of establishing the Winter Forest School in IBL was inspired by the similar initiatives implemented for many years by various national and foreign research and academic centres.
This applies, among others co-organized by the Committee on Agricultural Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences, annual "Summer School of Agricultural Systems Engineering".
In turn, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute organizes nationwide schools. The one dedicated to "Extraordinary Threats to the Environment" and since 1990 the "National School of Water Management" co-organized with the Water Economy Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
In the field of forestry, annual several-day meetings called "Winter Colloquium" organized by the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of University of Freiburg (Germany), in which over 500 guests participate. It good to mention the "Winter Forest Colloquium in Eberswalde" (Germany), focusing on the transformation of research results into practice.
In 2009, after several years of preparation, including collecting numerous opinions and conducting consultations, Forest Research Institute in cooperation to the Directorate General of State Forests National Forest Holding launched the first WFS session.
So far, in all WFS, a total of 253 papers have been delivered, including 58 foreign ones. The total number of participants of the Winter Forest School has already exceeded 2,500 people. The steady increase in the number of guests of the subsequent editions of the School is the result of the accuracy of the selection of its subject matter and the growing social interest in forest and forestry issues.
We hope and at the same time the conviction that the next Sessions will meet the expectations of science and practice.
On behalf of the Organizers, I would like to cordially invite you to participate in the School.
So, see you in Sękocin Stary!

Prof. Jacek Hilszczański
Director of Forest Research Institute

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,
The main goal of the Winter Forest School in Forest Research Institute was the need of creation a broad and independent interdisciplinary forum for presenting current and future utilitarian and cognitive problems, as well as the concept of methods for solving them, both on a national and international scale. An equally important motive was the integration of various groups of specialists in the field of forestry, strengthening the cooperation of science and forestry practice, especially by enriching and empirical verification of the results of observations and experiments. Achieving these goals should be accompanied by a synthesis of the deepening specialisation of forest sciences and the atomization of their goals. The postulate of the coherence of individual disciplines requires a uniform concept of the forest and its unified cognitive and pragmatic methods. Needs in this area are particularly strongly felt nowadays due to the unchanged pressure of changes in the economic, environmental and social environment of the forest. It is enough to mention the increasing threats to the natural environment through climate change, the growing pressure on non-productive functions of the forest, the intensification of globalization processes also on forest products, and as a result, increased competition on the forestry and wood market and the emergence of so-called paradox of forest management. Meeting the resulting challenges raises the need of integration of forest science disciplines and their cooperation with forestry practice.

Prof. Andrzej Klocek
The originator of the Winter Forest School