Target groups and end users of the COST Action


The Action will bring direct benefits to a wide range of researchers and the phytosanitary community (NPPOs, PRA experts, policy and decision makers), which will be ensured through consultation and involvement of these groups and end users in the MC meetings, Working Groups and the training schools.


Researchers will benefit from increased interaction with the regulatory community, which will lead to improved understanding of phytosanitary regulations. Better understanding of phytosanitary regulations can lead to more focused research on prediction and prevention, as well as early detection of new invasions by tree pests and diseases and mitigation of impacts. NPPOs and RPPOs will benefit from harmonised monitoring and identification protocols, as this will lead to more complete and more consistent information about potential new alien tree pests and diseases. Consultation and involvement of both researchers and the phytosanitary community during the development of these protocols will ensure the delivery of outcomes that are relevant for these end users.

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A copy of the Action's Memorandum of Understanding can be found here



COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme