MSc Aneta Modzelewska

Remote Sensing, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Airborne and Satellite Imagery Use in environmental research, Geoinformatics, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Ecology of Landscape

  • Graduate in Geography (specialty: Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing) at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw, presently Ph.D. Student in Forest Research Institute.
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Specialist in the project: Comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża Forest supported with remote sensing techniques (ForBioSensing).
  • Between 2011-2014 worked in projects: Analysis of changes in vegetation condition surrounding the Chernobyl based on remote sensing data, Genesis of selected forms in the marginal zone of the Fláajökull (SE Iceland), The province of Misiones (Argentina) land cover's analysis based on remote sensing data, Assessment of Vegetation damages using Remote Sensing (AVeReS), Forest condition monitoring and assessment in the Sudety and Western Baskidy Mountains.
  • Scientific interests: hyperspectral remote sensing, ecology of landscape, analyses of vegetation state with remote sensing methods, GIS & Remote Sensing techniques in environmental research, aplication of remote sensing in forestry.
  • Hobby: travelling, mountains and glaciers, geography and culture of countries in South America.


  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • Airborne and Satellite Imagery Use in environmental research
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geography and Ecology of Landscape

Aneta Modzelewska
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Forest Research Institute

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