MSc Dorota Rokosz

settlement of funds obtained from the European Union

Graduate in Hydrogeology from the Faculty of Geology at the University of Warsaw and in Accountancy from the Warsaw School of Management at the Society of Economic Enterprise;

Previously participant of the project „Medical ultrasound instruments – new methods of testing and visualisation of tissue structure of human organs” in the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Science; presently participant of the project LIFE+ ForBioSensing PL Comprehensive monitoring of stand dynamics in Białowieża Forest supported with remote sensing techniques” led by the Forest Research Institute.


Expert in:

  • settlement of funds obtained from the European Union in the Innovative Economy Programme.

Hobby: geology, literature, psychology, especially Nonviolent Communication.



Dorota Rokosz
phone no.
22 7150 358/637

Forest Research Institute


ul. Braci Leśnej 3, Bud. A/107

Sękocin Stary

05-090 Raszyn