MEng Maja Winnicka

Administration office project in accordance with the methodology PRINCE2, Support System CMS Liferay.

Graduated from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Protection, Agricultural University in Warszawie. In Forest Research Institute took part in the project "Forest Information Centre - IT platform of environmental monitoring", currently in the Project "LIFE + ForBioSensing EN comprehensive monitoring of the dynamics of stands of Bialowieza Forest with the use of remote sensing data" .It holds the position of Specialist for administration.


  • administration office project in accordance with the PRINCE2 methodology
  • support System CMS Liferay;
  •  organization of meetings, workshops of a business - science.

Hobby: sport, dancing, travelling.



Maja Winnicka
phone no.
22 7150 663


Sękocin Stary

3 Braci Leśnej Street
05-090 Raszyn

22 7150 348

Bud A/ 107