Publishing activity

Publishing activity is conducted in the Forest Research Institute since its inception, ie. since 1933. Disseminated are their own publications, presenting the results of important research works. They are directed primarily to specialists: scientists, students of natural sciences, practitioners, but also nature amateurs. Incidentally Forest Research Institute publish commemorative albums and books popularising knowledge from forestry. Habilitation thesis, conference proceedings, monographs are published as a part of book series. Published scientific studies are highly rated in Poland and abroad.

Forest Research Papers
Forest Research Papers (Ministry of Science and Higher Education 13.0 points; Index Copernicus 8,72 pts.), (published as ‘Journal of Forest Research Institute, Series A' to 2002) publishes original research articles, review articles, short communications and discussion papers. The journal covers all aspects of forest research, both basic and applied subjects. The scope includes silviculture, ecology, physiology, entomology, pathology, genetics, inventory, forest management, forest utilization but also forestry-related aspects as economic, political and social. Quarterly journal is published in Polish (printed and electronic version) and English (electronic version).

Folia Forestalia Polonica, Series A - Forestry
Folia Forestalia Polonica, Series A – Forestry, quartely journal published since 1958 in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences (Ministry of Science and Higher Education score 14.0 points; Index Copernicus 8.59 pts.). The journal presents articles in the field of knowledge of forestry and forestry-related sciences. It is directed to forestry scientists and practitioners all over the world. The language of publication is English.

Doniesienia z Leśnego Świata
‘Doniesienia z Leśnego Świata' is the latest release available in electronic version on the website of the Institute. Editorial team selects and summarises the publications of magazines dealing with forestry issues. Discussed issues in the ‘reports' includes information about tree's diseases, legislative solutions for the forestry, timber industry and nature conservation in the EU and worldwide.

Nowości Piśmiennictwa Leśnego
‘Nowości Piśmiennictwa Leśnego', is a monthly magazine published since 1959. (Currently only in the online version), presenting a bibliography of the scope of forestry literature. Scientists have a possibility to track the latest world literature in the field of forestry and efficient access to source documents available in Forest Research Institute library.

Notatnik Naukowy IBL
‘Notatnik Naukowy IBL', non-periodic magazine published since 1991 announcing the preliminary results of completed research works and the possibilities of their practical use. designed for the administration of the State Forests and other organizations interested in cooperation with forestry.

Forest Research Institute publishes non-periodical publications presenting dissertations and monographs – ‘Prace Instytutu Badawczego Leśnictwa. Rozprawy i Monografie', analysis and research reports – ‘Prace Instytutu Badawczego Leśnictwa. Analizy i Raporty' and other occasional publications.