Folia Forestalia Polonica

The review process

• All manuscripts published in the journal are subject to the review process.

• The Editor-in-Chief makes an initial evaluation of the manuscript and assigns it to the relevant Associate Editor, who appoints the manuscript reviewers and oversees the review process. The Associate Editor cannot be involved in the review process of the manuscript of own authorship.

• No conflict of interest (reporting lines, kinship, direct personal relationship) between the appointed reviewers and the manuscript authors is permissible.

• Each manuscript is usually reviewed by two external independent reviewers in a form of peer review known as double blind (author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa).  

• Compliant with the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, a list of reviewers is published once a year (no information on the manuscripts reviewed by them is given).

• Each appointed reviewer completes the Review Form in the Editorial Manager system. The review must contain a clear statement whether the manuscript is accepted for publication or rejected or else the suggestions for necessary changes are provided.

• The authors are informed about the result of the reviews and the editorial decision. The authors take the reviewers comments into consideration and revise the manuscript accordingly. The authors inform the journal editors if do not agree with the reviews. In case of divergent reviewer opinions, the manuscript is directed to the newly appointed reviewer or reviewers.

• The Associate Editor takes an initial decision about publishing the manuscript. The final approval for printing takes place at a meeting of the Editorial Committee convened by the Editor-in-Chief, based on the recommendations of the Associate Editor and the results of discussion among the members of the Editorial Committee.

• In keeping with good academic practices, the reviewer does not share the study results prior to manuscript publication.

• Manuscript reviews are prepared free of charge in the 3-week-long period of time.

Rejection Rate – ca 25%.
The above procedure is compliant with the guidelines of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education included in the publication entitled Good Practice in the Scientific Review Procedure (Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce), Warsaw 2011.