Meet the IBL

The Forest Research Institute carries out comprehensive research for forests and the entire forestry as well as wooded areas and trees.

Our research, studies and expertise support forest science, forest management and government institutions. The Institute is a partner in the implementation of projects financed by the European Union. We are also the organizer and co-organizer of many international and national meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences, we conduct nature and forest education for children and young people in the Forest Education Chamber. The IBL library has been collecting forest literature for over 80 years, and its resources are the largest in this part of Europe.

The subject of the Institute’s activity is research and research and development in the field of forest sciences. The main areas of research are:

  • Multilateral functions of the forest, sustainable development of a forest holding and the use of forest resources,
  • Biology and ecology of forest communities and the properties of forest environments and habitats,
  • Hydrology and forest drainage,
  • The impact of industrial emissions and other anthropogenic factors on the forest and restoration of stands in deforested areas,
  • Silviculture, forestation and afforestation of non-forest land,
  • Forest protection and methods of increasing the biological resistance of stands,
  • Main and secondary use of the forest,
  • Hunting economy,
    Forest arrangement, productivity and monitoring,
  • Economics of forest management, its relationship with other areas of the national economy, principles and methods of organization and management, forest policy and the history of forestry,
  • Improvement of technological processes and technical measures in forestry,
  • Protection and safety at work in forestry.

Other tasks of the Institute:

  • Scientific support for the practical dissemination of research results,
  • Scientific advice,
  • Development of forecasts and expert opinions,
  • Conducting courses and trainings on forest management,
  • Standardization, certification, unification and typing works.

The publishing activity of the Institute includes the following publications:

“Folia Forestalia Polonica, Series A – Forestry”, published jointly with the Forest Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in which original scientific works in English are published,

“Leśne Prace Badawcze” [Forest Research Papers], which contain scientific papers based on own research material, materials from conferences and symposia, as well as popular science works informing about achievements useful for use in forest practice, “Forest Literature News”, a monthly magazine containing an overview of the current Polish and Polish forestry literature and foreign,

“Notatnik Naukowy IBL” [Scientific Report of FRI], a publishing house with the rights of a manuscript, providing synthetic information about the results of the research.

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