Scientific research

The Forest Research Institute offers, as part of the research and development work of each plant, a wide range of services and consulting. We work in the field of environmental impact assessments, preparation of expert opinions, environmental evaluation, DNA analysis of plant materials, monitoring of fire hazards, as well as library activities. Please see below for details:

Department of Forest Ecology

Assessment of the productivity of habitats. Determination of physicochemical properties of soils, air pollutants, chemical composition of water, chemical analysis of organic material in terms of the content of nutrients and heavy metals. Good laboratory practice training. Issuing opinions on the usefulness of fertilizers, agents improving soil properties and agents supporting cultivation of plants for […]

Department of Silviculture and Genetics of Forest Trees

Assessment of seed quality of forest trees and shrubs. Expertise and consulting in the field of: the use of herbicides in forestry (nursery, forestry, stands and the environment), the use of biological methods of protection against weeds in nurseries and forest crops, establishing forest crops, afforestation of post-agricultural land, wastelands and degraded forest and non-forest […]

Department of Forest Protection

“Marking insects: day and night butterflies, dragonflies, locusts, flies and perpetrators of damage to trees and forest shrubs” “Registration tests of plant protection products, advice on the use of insecticides in the control of harmful insects and evaluation of their effectiveness” “Protective proceedings – advice: in coniferous and deciduous stands threatened by leaf-eating pests, in […]

Department of Forest Resources Management

Performing expert opinions and professional assistance in the field of forest land valuation and estimation of losses in stands. Development of expert opinions in the field of analyzes of the wood raw material market in Poland and Europe. Training for forest owners and private forest surveillance services. Performing environmental impact assessments of management plans in […]

Laboratory of Forest Fire Protection

Services Monitoring of forest fire risk and forest fires. Cooperation with the media and development of notices about fire hazards in forests. Determining the usefulness of new technical solutions in forest fire protection. Development of technologies for the application of measures and equipment for the detection and combating of forest fires. Characteristics of meteorological and […]

Department of Natural Forests

Expert opinions on the impact of air pollution emissions (industry, transport, agriculture, specific plants and companies) on the contamination of the natural environment (forest) with sulfur and nitrogen compounds and heavy metals. Assessment of the threat to the forest environment with bioindication methods (in a specific area, transplantation or bioindicator exposure). Participation in environmental education […]

Department of Mountain Forests

Advice on forest management in mountain regions. Assessment of the occurrence of major forest pests and forecast of their occurrence. Opinions, training and counseling in the field of mountain forest protection and identification, prevention and control of insect pests. Opinions, training and counseling in the field of forest regeneration (use of natural regeneration, artificial regeneration) […]

Department of Geomatics

The Department of Geomatics IBL offers services and training related to the broadly understood analysis of remote sensing data (satellite imagery, aerial photos, point cloud from ground and air laser scanning), vector data (NFM – numerical forest map, other environmental data) supported by their statistical interpretation. As part of the training offered, participants will be […]

Detailed offer

Offer for the use of UAVs in forestry assessment of the health condition of monument trees, inventory of the technical condition of forest buildings, estimating damage to nurseries and forest crops, assessment of the size of losses after fire or windbreaks, making photo-video material for promotional folders of the forest district, preparation of detailed photogrammetric […]

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