Dendrolab of Forest Research Institute

Dendrolab of Forest Research Institute

Trees are one of the natural archives of environmental history.

Dendrolab of Forest Research Institute combines laboratories in two departments of the Forest Research Institute [IBL] in Sękocin (Department of Silviculture and Forest Tree Genetics) and Białowieża (Department of Natural Forests). Our laboratories offer species identification, cross-dating, digitization and analysis of macro- and microscopic wood samples, etc. Dendrolab IBL is equipped with: stereoscopes with cameras (ZEISS, Leica, Opta-Tech), LINTAB 6, EPSON (A3), ZEISS AxioScanZ1 slide scanner with fluorescence, slide microtomes: WSL microtome, WSL core microtome, Leica HistoCore BIOCUT rotary microtome, Leica TP1020, Leica HistoCore Arcadia. We use a wide range of dedicated software: WinDENDRO, WinCELL, TSAPWin, CooRecorder, CDendro, ROXAS.

Dendrolab of Forest Research Institute provides services and training in broadly understood analyses of tree growth. Our services are aimed at a wide range of audiences – employees of environmental protection agencies, national parks, State Forest Administration, local governments, NGOs involved in nature conservation and environmental resource management, and the general public. Dendrolab of Forest Research Institute provides expert opinion and analysis for species identification and cross-dating of modern and historic wood (including construction wood, charcoal).

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