Department of Forest Resources Management

  • Performing expert opinions and professional assistance in the field of forest land valuation and estimation of losses in stands.
  • Development of expert opinions in the field of analyzes of the wood raw material market in Poland and Europe.
  • Training for forest owners and private forest surveillance services.
  • Performing environmental impact assessments of management plans in terms of Natura 2000 areas (after publication of the implementation rules).
  • Implementation of simplified forest management plans.
  • Implementation of protection plans for national parks (participation), landscape parks, reserves, protection plans and the task plan for Natura 2000 areas.
  • Performing expert opinions on selected elements of the forest condition of various properties with the use of geomatic techniques.
  • Inventory of timber resources.
  • Preparation of reports on timber resources and their changes.
  • Measurement of the annual growth in tree thickness on the collected samples.
  • Spatial analyzes using the Digital Terrain Model.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of applications using descriptive and geometric data from SILP (State Forests IT System).
  • Business analyzes of IT projects (creating analytical documentation in UML notation) using descriptive and geometric data of SILP (State Forests IT System).
  • Implementation of non-standard inquiries for information contained in the SILP (State Forests IT System) databases.
  • Design and implementation of websites and Content Management System in the ZOPE / PLONE technology.
  • Measurement and evaluation of the quantities characterizing noise and vibration in the working environment (in places where people are at the machine’s workstation or in other specified places).
  • Assessment of occupational risk related to exposure to noise and vibration in accordance with European regulations (Directive 98/37 / EC), physiological tests of operators while performing wood harvesting work, in order to determine the energy and physiological cost of labor.
  • Training in the use of multi-operational logging machines.
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