Department of Mountain Forests

  • Advice on forest management in mountain regions.
  • Assessment of the occurrence of major forest pests and forecast of their occurrence.
  • Opinions, training and counseling in the field of mountain forest protection and identification, prevention and control of insect pests.
  • Opinions, training and counseling in the field of forest regeneration (use of natural regeneration, artificial regeneration) and nurturing of the forest at various stages of its development, including the management of post-agricultural land and degraded areas.
  • Assessment of the health condition of trunks, branches of roadside trees and trees using a non-invasive method using the PICUS Sonic computer tomograph.
  • Assessment of biodiversity of forest ecosystems based on phytosociological analyzes and selected groups of insects.
  • Advising on the active protection of the forest against insects in the areas covered by the protection status.
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