Department of Silviculture and Genetics of Forest Trees

  • Assessment of seed quality of forest trees and shrubs.
  • Expertise and consulting in the field of:
    • the use of herbicides in forestry (nursery, forestry, stands and the environment),
    • the use of biological methods of protection against weeds in nurseries and forest crops,
    • establishing forest crops, afforestation of post-agricultural land, wastelands and degraded forest and non-forest areas (selection of species composition, planting spacing, mixing forms),
    • methods of nurturing trees in stands and afforestation (also in urban areas) in terms of their breeding condition and vitality.
  • Moreover:
    • organization and assistance in training for forestry staff in the field of broadly understood forest cultivation, with particular emphasis on the natural regeneration of stands, tree stand care,
    • cultivation of protective stands, selection of appropriate methods of tree stand reconstruction and breeding management of stands that are dying out and damaged by wind and snow,
    • organization of training courses for private forest owners in the scope described above,
    • conducting educational classes for children, youth and teachers in the field of forest management.
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