Laboratory of Forest Fire Protection


  • Monitoring of forest fire risk and forest fires.
  • Cooperation with the media and development of notices about fire hazards in forests.
  • Determining the usefulness of new technical solutions in forest fire protection.
  • Development of technologies for the application of measures and equipment for the detection and combating of forest fires.
  • Characteristics of meteorological and hydrothermal conditions of forest areas.
  • Organization of forest fire risk forecasting on military training grounds.
  • Development of forest fire protection programs.
  • Assistance in developing methods of action in the event of a forest fire.
  • Consultations on the interpretation of provisions on forest fire protection.
  • Advising on the operation of the National Forest Fire Information System.
  • Training in forest fire protection.
  • Training in the use of prognostic points for forecasting forest fire risk on military training grounds.

Contact person for any services provided

EngD Józef Piwnicki

Phone no.

+48 22 7150 430


+48 22 7200 397



3 Braci Leśnej Street
Sękocin Stary
05-090 Raszyn

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