Laboratory of Natural Environment Chemistry

Unit manager

EngD Anna Kowalska

Phone no.

+48 22 7150 510


Contact (secretariat)

Phone no.

+48 22 7150 511

Fax no.

+48 22 7150 539



3 Braci Leśnej Street
Sękocin Stary
05-090 Raszyn

Research directions

The Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry is the central chemical laboratory of the Forest Research Institute, operating as part of the management system compliant with the requirements of the current PN-EN ISO-IEC 17025 standard “General requirements for the competence of research and calibration laboratories”.

Research and services concern:

  • Determination of the physicochemical properties of soils, air pollutants, chemical composition of water and plant material.
  • Monitoring the nutritional status of stands and the properties of forest soils.
  • Monitoring the circulation of elements contributed to the forest ecosystem with atmospheric pollution.
  • Usefulness of fertilizers and agents improving soil properties for use in forests and for the reclamation of degraded soils.
  • Methods of maintaining soil fertility.

Over twenty years of experience in environmental research, qualified staff of competent employees, the most modern research and measurement equipment as well as the use of modern analytical methods and techniques place the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry at the forefront of European laboratories dealing with the study of the condition of forest ecosystems.

We have a certificate of accreditation of the Polish Center for Accreditation for chemical tests of soil, plant material and water, as well as for tests of physical properties of soil and water, in accordance with the scope of accreditation AB 740.

The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment from renowned global companies: emission spectrometers with plasma excitation (ICP-OES), ion chromatographs, analyzers of carbon and nitrogen content in solid and liquid samples, mercury analyzer, flow analyzer (CFA), laser particle size analyzer, apparatus for analyzing the granulometric composition of soils using the sedimentation (pipette) method and many others.

The scope of analyzes carried out by the laboratory

  • determining the needs of fertilization of soils in plantations and forest nurseries,
  • determination of soil fertility,
    determining the needs of soil fertilization,
  • determination of soil reclamation methods for degraded areas,
  • determining the degree of soil and plant pollution,
  • assessment of the purity of surface and groundwater,
  • determining the causes of dieback of forest and park trees,
  • assessment of the suitability of fertilizers for use in forests and for soil reclamation.



Kierownik laboratorium
dr inż. Krzysztof Sztabkowski
+48 22 7150 510
Pracownicy inżynieryjno-techniczni
mgr Maciej Sojka
+48 22 7150 515
mgr inż. Marlena Romanowska
+48 22 71 50 520
mgr inż. Zuzanna Cieśla
+48 22 71 50 523
mgr inż. Halina Dróżdż
+48 22 7150 521
dr inż. Anna Kowalska
+48 22 7150 517
mgr inż. Grażyna Misiewicz
+48 22 7150 522
mgr Angelika Stępień
+48 22 7150 516
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