Forest and Water Conference


Type of project


Project status


Implementation period

07.01.2022 r - 06.30.2023 r.

Contract number


Source of funding

Ministry of Education and Science

Financing amount

PLN 147914.00


Forest Research Institute

Coordinator / leading department

Department of Forest Ecology

Project supervisor

Michal Wróbel, Dr. Eng.

Project description

The project is financed under the “Support for Scientific Conferences” module of the “Doskonała Nauka” [Excellent Science] program announced by the Minister of Education and Science.

Project goals

The purpose of the 6th edition of the “Forest and Water” Conference is to exchange current research results and views of scientists, experts and practitioners in the field of forest-water interaction. Among other things, it will present the experience of projects implemented in Poland to improve water conditions in forests or research conducted in European countries. The expected effect of the conference is the dissemination of scientific and practical knowledge on issues related to the interaction of forest and water to the largest possible audience and the use of this knowledge in the daily work of those involved in forestry and water management.

Characteristics of the project

Current threats to forest ecosystems, are primarily related to climate change and anthropogenic activities that affect, air quality, water quality and the natural water cycle in the river basin. Reducing risks requires taking preventive measures guided by appropriate forecasts made on the basis of scientific results. In order to analyze these phenomena, to determine the scope of necessary research and actions aimed at greater integration of sustainable forest and water management, an international conference “Forest and Water” was organized in Poland in 1998 in Cracow. Later, four more were organized in 2002, 2008, 2013 and 2017, and the planned 6th edition is its continuation. The direct results will be that participants will increase their knowledge of forest-water interactions, as well as bring the scientific community closer to practitioners. Long-term results will be the application of the acquired knowledge in everyday work in forests, e.g. by improving the ability to recognize water conditions in forests, skillful planning of water use or proper recognition of the condition of water facilities. The “Forest and Water” conference is a periodic meeting of scientists and practitioners dealing with forest-water interactions. The topics of each conference focused on selected aspects of water management in forests. The 2023 conference will emphasize the following topics: water management in forests with various forms of protection, wetland restoration, the impact of beavers, water quality, and the impact of climate change on forest biodiversity.

Scope of IBL participation

The Forest Research Institute is the main entity implementing the project.

Project contractors

Department of Forest Ecology


The project involves cooperation with:

General Directorate of State Forests

Regional Directorate of State Forests in Bialystok

Supraśl Forest Inspectorate

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