Department of Geomatics

The Department of Geomatics IBL offers services and training related to the broadly understood analysis of remote sensing data (satellite imagery, aerial photos, point cloud from ground and air laser scanning), vector data (NFM – numerical forest map, other environmental data) supported by their statistical interpretation.

As part of the training offered, participants will be able to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in using Open Source software, i.e. Quantum GIS, SAGA GIS, R package. The services are dedicated to employees of forest divisions, national parks, regional directorates for environmental protection, non-profit organizations dealing with environmental protection, as well as for companies that use geodata processing tools in their work.

The laboratory also offers its services in the field of high-precision geodetic measurements, obtaining a point cloud from a terrestrial laser scanner and performing raids with an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to obtain photo-video material.

Consulting and service offer of the Department of Geomatics

  • Creation of dedicated algorithms for the analysis of various remote sensing and measurement data in the natural environment.
  • Development of dedicated IT tools for geospatial data analysis.
  • Processing remote sensing data of the forest environment obtained from various levels.
  • Development of software dedicated to forest management and nature analyzes.
  • Creating map portals for visualization of spatial data.
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