Department of Forest Resources Management

Unit manager

Dr Adam Kaliszewski, Assoc. Prof.

Phone no.

+48 22 7150 678


Contact (secretariat)

Phone no.

+48 22 7150 662

Fax no.

+48 22 7153 837



3 Braci Leśnej Street
Sękocin Stary
05-090 Raszyn

Research directions

The scope of activities of the Department:

  • Economic conditions for the development of a forest holding and its links with other sectors of the national economy.
  • Estimating the value of stands and forest land as well as forest damage and compensation.
  • Account of the economic effectiveness of economic undertakings in forestry and their optimization.
  • Economic and legal aspects of multifunctional forest holding and nature protection in forests and trade and marketing in forest holding.
  • Planning, financing, organization and management in forestry and forest policy.
  • Forest inventory methods: terrestrial, with the use of satellite imagery, including digital aerial photos, GPS technology and laser scanning (LiDAR), and large-scale inventory of forests in all ownership categories.
  • Regulation of production and evaluation of forest resources, including the principles and criteria for determining the felling age for the main forest-forming species and determining the time of forest use.
  • Principles of management planning in the model of multifunctional, sustainable forest management, including the determination and assessment of economic effects.
  • Methods for measuring the volume of stands and the increment of trees and stands.
  • Forecasts of the development of wood resources and the possibility of their use.
  • Methods for determining forest damage and its impact on its productivity.
  • Forest monitoring – collecting and processing information about the condition of the forest and the processes taking place in it in order to identify and prevent hazards, and to analyze monitoring data about the health of forests for national central institutions.
  • Quality and rational use of wood raw materials.
  • Inventory and forecasting of resources and rational use of secondary uses.
  • Improving the technology and techniques of obtaining wood and by-products.
  • Measurement, collection and transfer of raw wood.
  • Technical requirements and assessment of the suitability of machines and devices used in the use of the forest.
  • Physical harmful factors – mainly noise and vibration, chainsaw motors
    chains and evaluation of tools, machines and devices as well as work stations from the point of view of ergonomics.


mgr Marta Ostasz
+48 22 7150 662
Profesorowie Instytutu
dr hab. Piotr Gołos
+48 22 7150 604
dr hab. Adam Kaliszewski
+48 22 7150 678
dr inż. Piotr Budniak
+48 22 71 50 650
dr inż. Małgorzata Dudzińska
+48 22 7150 659
dr inż. Grzegorz Zajączkowski
+48 22 7150 664
Pracownicy badawczo-techniczni
dr inż. Marek Jabłoński
+48 22 7150 660
dr inż. Krzysztof Jodłowski
+48 22 7150 346
dr inż. Paweł Lech
+48 22 7153 825
dr inż. Wojciech Młynarski
+48 22 7150 675
Pracownicy inżynieryjno-techniczni
dr Marek Geszprych
mgr Anna Głowacka
+48 22 71 50 602/648
inż. Aleksandra Falkowska
mgr Robert Hildebrand
+48 22 7150 655
dr inż. Leszek Kluziński
+48 22 7150 654
mgr Jadwiga Małachowska
+48 22 7150 656
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