Metoda pomiarów leżącego martwego drewna w lesie – założenia teoretyczne i przebieg prac terenowych

Measurements of downed dead wood in the forest – theoretical assumptions and course of field work


  • Jacek Wolski Instytut Geografii i Przestrzennego Zagospodarowania PAN, Zakład Geoekologii, 00–818 Warszawa, ul. Twarda 51/55, e-mail:


Line intersect method used for downed woody debris volume and weight measurements in the forest ecosystems was created mostly for inventory and forest fires control purposes. It was later commonly used also in the ecological studies. In the article the method’s field procedures were described, to encountered location of the central sampling points and intersect lines, diameter and length measurements of woody debris (grouped into size classes), determination of decomposition degree and identification of dominating species. Theoretical assumptions of the method were also presented, where calculation of sample variables and population parameters estimation was in main concern. Results of measurements performed in the „Źródliskowa Buczyna” reserve (Forest Promotion Area – Lasy Puszczy Bukowej i Goleniowskiej) were then used to verify this assumptions. Additionally, some discrepancies among scientists were discussed and own modification to the field work course and calculations methodology were proposed.

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