Wpływ wieku drzewostanów sosnowych i bonitacji siedliska na epigeiczne chrząszcze (Coleoptera)

Influence of age of scotch pine stands and quality of habitat on epigenic beetles (Coleoptera)


  • Piotr Lutyk Regionalna Dyrekcja Lasów Państwowych w Warszawie
    ul. Grochowska 278
    03-841 Warszawa
    e-mail: p.lutyk@lasypanstwowe.gov.pl


Relationships between fauna of epigeic beetles, age of pine stand and site index were investigated. It was proved that associations of epigeic beetles prefer the stands growing on good quality sites. This regularity does not apply to the families of Curculionidae and Elateridae only. Whereas dependence on the age of a stand was very weak (at least within the range of investigated age class – II and IV).

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