Alien Invasive Species and International Trade – Hugh Evans and Tomasz Oszako

Edited by Hugh Evans and Tomasz Oszako. Forest Research Institute, Sękocin Stary, 2007. ISBN 978-83-87647-64-3, 180 pp. FREE. There is available pdf format at$FILE/IUFRO_Jedlnia_2006.pdf

The papers collected in this volume arose from the first meeting of IUFRO Working Party 7.03.12, Alien Invasive Species and International Trade, held in Jedlnia, Poland in July 2006. They cover all aspects of potentially invasive pests and pathogens; invasive weeds are not covered. Chapters include reviews of current and potential alien invasive species in different parts of the world, specific pest risk analyses, the impacts of different Phytophthora species in forests, potentially important insects, methods for managing the problems, and a particular focus on ISPM-15, a success story in international cooperation on phytosanitary regulations.



  1. Thomas Jung, Marla Downing, Markus Blaschke, Thomas Vernon – Phytophthora root and collar rot of alders caused by the invasive Phytophthora alni: actual distribution, pathways, and modeled potential distribution in Bavaria
  2. Tomasz Oszako, Leszek B. Orlikowski, Aleksandra Trzewik, Teresa Orlikowska – Studies on the occurrence of Phytophthora ramorum in nurseries, forest stands and garden centers
  3. Lassaad Belbahri, Eduardo Moralejo, Gautier Calmin, François Lefort, Jose A. Garcia, Enrique Descals – Reports of Phytophthora hedraiandra on Viburnum tinus and Rhododendron catawbiense in Spain
  4. Leszek B. Orlikowski, Tomasz Oszako – The influence of nursery-cultivated plants, as well as cereals, legumes and crucifers, on selected species of Phytophthopra
  5. Lassaad Belbahri, Gautier Calmin, Tomasz Oszako, Eduardo Moralejo, Jose A. Garcia, Enrique Descals, François Lefort – Phytophthora polonica: A new species isolated from a Polish declining alder forests
  6. Oleg Baranov, Tomasz Oszako – Possibilities of Phytophthora identification as a group of new and economically important pathogens in forestry
  7. Lassaad Belbahri, Gautier Calmin, Tomasz Oszako, Eduardo Moralejo, Esperanza Sanchez-Hernandez, Adele McLeod, Enrique Descals, François Lefort – New Pythium species: Pythium quercum, Pythium sterilum,Pythium spiculum
  8. Ottmar Holdenrieder, Thomas N. Sieber – First record of Discula destructiva in Switzerland and preliminary inoculation experiments on native European Cornus species
  9. Shin Ugawa, Kenji Fukuda – Reduction of diversity in ectomycorrhizal fungal flora caused by damage from pine wilt disease
  10. Magdalena Basiewicz, Dobrawa Jankiewicz, Steve Woodward, Nikoleta Soulioti, Tomasz Oszako – A review of historical data on alien invasive species in Europe
  11. Jan Stenlid, Alberto Santini, Andrea Vannini, Paolo Capretti, Rimvis Vasiliauskas – FORTHREATS: European network on emerging diseases and invasive species threats to European forest ecosystems
  12. Alain Roques – Old and new pathways for invasion of exotic forest insects in Europe
  13. Bjørn Økland, Olav Skarpaas, Kyrre Kausrud, Nils Chr. Stenseth, Nadir Erbilgin – Spatiotemporal dynamics of introduced bark beetles
  14. Milan Zúbrik, Andrej Kunca, Jozef Vakula, Roman Leontovyč, Andrej Gubka – Invading insects and pathogens in Slovakia forests with focusing on Dreyfusia nordmannianae as a regular pest in mountain areas
  15. Miloš Kníżek – Bark and ambrosia beetle species in worldwide trade
  16. Jozef Vakula, Andrej Kunca, Milan Zúbrik, Roman Leontovyč, Valéria Longauerová, Andrej Gubka – Distribution of two Invasive pests in Slovakia since 1996
  17. Henri Vanhanen, Timo Veteli, Sanna Sivonen, William Mattson, Pekka Niemelä –
  18. Few immigrant phytophagous insects on woody plants in Europe: legacy of the European crucible?
  19. Marc Kenis, Christelle Péré – Ecological impact of invasive insects in forest ecosytems
  20. Tomasz Oszako, Marek Siewniak, Margarita Siewniak – The negative influence of the so-called „injection” measure on threatened horse chestnut trees
  21. Simon A. Lawson – Eucalypts as source and sink for invasive pests and diseases
  22. Jonathan Sweeney, Peter de Groot, Leland Humble, Linda MacDonald, Jessica Price, Tomasz Mokrzycki, Jerzy M. Gutowski – Detection of wood-boring species in semiochemical-baited traps
  23. Robert A. Haack, Toby R. Petrice, Pascal Nzokou, D. Pascal Kamdem – Do insects infest wood packing material with bark following heat-treatment?
  24. Hugh F. Evans – ISPM15 treatments and residual bark: how much bark matters in relation to founder populations of bark and wood boring beetles?
  25. Katarzyna Supernak, Piotr Kacprzak, Marek Krzemiński – The idea of Forest Promotional Complex „Puszcza Kozienicka” with special regards to tourism strategy


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