Analysis of microsatellite sequences in Scots pine – Justyna Nowakowska

Justyna Nowakowska, ISBN 83-87647-42-X, Forest Research Institute, Warsaw 2005. FREE

The Proceedings describe an interesting aspect of population genetics assessed using microsatellite markers, as largely discussed during the Workshop entitled „New approaches in forest-tree genetics – Analysis of microsatellite sequences in Scots pine”, which was organised on 24 – 27 August 2004 by the PROFOREST Centre of Excellence (EU-funded project within 5 Framework Programme, contract no QLK1-CT-2002-30315/PROFOREST) at the Forest Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland.

The publication represents an overview of knowledge pooled by participants from seven European countries (Belarus, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia), with the special concern to the microsatellite analysis performed on Scots pine, the use of molecular-marker analyses in different forest tree species and pathogen detection, and the statistical methods by which genetic data in forestry are analysed. Moreover, the dynamic of the genetic diversity assessed with adaptive and neutral genetic markers, the microsatellites analysis and interpretation of genomic data obtained for Scots pine populations and the use of microsatellite markers to the gene flow analysis were described. The book contains the latest achievements in the field of microsatellite marker application to study the forest tree species and may serve as a base for the further cooperation between participants.

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