GIS and databases in the forest protection in Central Europe – Wojciech Grodzki

Ed. by Wojciech Grodzki. ISBN 83-87647-39-X. Forest Research Institute, Warsaw 2005. FREE, OUT OF PRINT

This book, summarizing the Central European approach to the use of databases and digital maps in the forest protection, appears as the result of the Workshop „GIS and databases in forest protection”, organized on November 25-27, 2004 in Kraków by the Centre of Excellence PROFOREST (EU-funded project within 5 Framework Programme, contract no QLK1-CT-2002-30315/PROFOREST) at the Forest Research Institute in Warsaw. The main goal of the workshop was the exchange of knowledge on the current and envisaged use of GIS-based methods in the research and practice of forest protection in Central European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine). Although searching for common bases in research on protection against forest pests is one of the objectives of the PROFOREST CE activity, the book contains the complete information on this subject, useful for planning of closer co-operation focused to the joining of the existing data on the threats to Central European forests on higher than national, transboundary level.

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