European beaver (Castor fiber L., 1758) population in the Augustowska Primeval Forest



The study on the distribution and abundance of beaver families in the Augustowska Primeval Forest was conducted in the years 2000-2003. It embraced all seven Forest Inspectorates administering the Forest. The study consisted in the penetration of banks along watercourses, lakes and drainage ditches. Lodges, bank dens, dams and the length of the banks colonized by beaver families were plotted on maps. Habitat types contained within the territories of individual beaver families were established on the basis of the maps obtained from Forest Inspectorates. The percentage of bank utilisation by beavers in various types of water bodies was determined.
The number of beaver lodges and bank dens, as well as their number per family were established. Also, habitat preferences of beavers in individual water bodies were verified. The presented study has the form of a report which can be used for further monitoring of beaver populations in the Augustowska Primeval Forest.

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