Adaptacja różnych pochodzeń jodły pospolitej (Abies alba Mill.) do warunków Sudetów

Adaptation of different silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) provenances to the conditions of the Sudetes


  • Władysław Barzdajn Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu, Wydział Leśny, Katedra Hodowli Lasu, ul Wojska Polskiego 71A, 60-625 Poznań, Polska;
    Tel. +48 61 8487742, fax +48 61 8487734; e-mail:


The provenance experiment with fir was established in 2004 on three plots in the territory of the Świeradów Zdrój Forest District (the Izerskie Mountains, West Sudetes), the Zdroje Forest District (the Stołowe Mountains, Central Sudetes) and Lądek Zdrój Forest District (the Złote Mountains, East Sudetes). The tested populations represented all locations of fir occurrence in Poland. 38, 23 and 12 fir populations were planted on the plots in the Świeradów Zdrój Forest District, the Zdroje Forest District and the Lądek Zdrój Forest District respectively.
The provenance differences were detected for height and survival. The Sudeten populations did not differ from the non-Sudeten ones – there was a variability within both groups. The ‘location × provenance’ interaction was not confirmed. The initial experiment results indicate that import of fir seeds and seedlings from the locations outside the Sudetes is not recommended, while implementation of the fir restoration programme based on local resources is justified.

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