Stadia żywotności drzewostanów jodłowych oraz odpowiadające im właściwości chemiczne wierzchnich warstw gleb

Different vitality of the fir stands and its relation to the chemical features of the top layers of mineral soils


  • Jerzy Zawada Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa Zakład Gospodarki Leśnej Regionów Górskich ul. Fredry 39, 30-605 Kraków e-mail:


Research on dynamics of increments of fir stands revealed a relationship between the stands vitality and the chemical properties of the top layers of mineral soils. Comparison of these two elements and chosen macro and micro-elements in needles of fir indicates perturbations in uptaking of nutrients by roots of trees. These perturbations might be the fundamental causes which have been commonly observed associated with a decreasing of fir stand vitality. Current slow, steadily improvement of fir vitality is associated with chemical changes of the soil.

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