Inokulacja pniaków sosnowych preparatami biologicznymi z Phlebiopsis gigantea

Scots pine stumps inoculation with Phlebiopsis gigantea biological preparations


  • Anna Żółciak Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Ochrony Lasu, Sękocin Stary, ul. Braci Leśnej 3, 05-090 Raszyn


Initial field experiment was made in order to test wood-decomposing fungus Phlebiopsis gigantea(Fr.: Fr.) Jülich for biological control of Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.)Bref. sensu lato. Field experiment with application of Finnish (containing Finnish strain P.g.1; in form of a dry powder containing c. 107 oidia/g) and Polish (containing Polish strains: P.g.2 and P.g.3; in form of beech sawdust with growing mycelium) biological preparations of P. gigantea on Scots pine stumps (Pinus sylvestris L.) was performed. After 6 months, result of the treatment was macroscopically evaluated on 100 stumps, on the basis of mycelium presence on a cut surface and under a bark. It was found a white mycelium under the bark on 50 stumps sprayed by Finnish preparation, on 24 stumps treated with Polish preparation containing strain P.g.2 and 11stumps treated with Polish preparation containing strain P.g.3. After ca 27 months, 20 stumps were rooted out and cut into sections. Samples of wood sections were then used to check the presence of P. gigantea mycelium under laboratory conditions (pieces of wood were incubated on malt-agar medium). The deepest colonization of stump’s wood with this fungus was present in 114 cm deep (from the surface of stump) after ca 27 months after treatment.

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