Kwaśne deszcze w Puszczy Białowieskiej jako kryterium zagrożenia środowiska leśnego

Acid rains in Białowieża Primeval Forest as the gauge of a threat to the forest environment


  • Elżbieta Malzahn Zakład Lasów Naturalnych IBL w Białowieży, Poland, e-mail:


The paper contains the estimation of the level of atmospheric precipitation acidity and the trends in its changes in Białowieża Primeval Forest in the years 1987–1998. The variability of precipitation acidity in year cycles, as well as in succeeding summer and winter seasons and years, against a background of the variability of chosen climatic factors was analysed. The correlations between precipitation acidity, air pollution indexes and dustfall in Białowieża Primeval Forest were investigated. The prognosis concerning the changes in precipitation acidity as the indicator of air pollution wet deposition, and the influence of precipitation acidity on the level of a threat to the forest environment was presented.

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