Skażenie antropogeniczne ekosystemów leśnych w Gorczańskim Parku Narodowym

[Antropogenic pollution of forest ecosystems in the Gorce National Park].


  • Stanisław Niemtur Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Lasów Górskich, ul. Fredry 39, 30-605 Kraków


The current study presents the results of chemical analyses of the organie horizon of the forest soil, tested for pH and concentrations of Ca, Mg, Al, Pb, S, and Mn in samples collected from 351 study plots located in a grid (400 m x 400 m) in one of six national parks in the Polish part of the Carpathians. Samples were collected from each plot from the 0I+f and Oh horizon. Additionally were made investigations for concentration above-mentioned elements in spruce, fir and beech seedlings, info wood of these species and fallen organie matter. The results demonstrate the negative effect of atmospheric pollution on chemical composition of the organic horizon of the soil and other analyzed samples from the Gorce National Park. In addition, the organie horizon appears to be useful white evaluating the impact of atmospheric pollution on forest ecosystems.

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