Struktura drzewostanu głównego jako czynnik kształtujący warunki świetlne w odnowieniu naturalnym jodły pospolitej (Abies alba Mill.)

The effect of stand structure on understory light conditions and natural regeneration of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.)


  • Dorota Dobrowolska Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Ekologii Lasu, ul. Braci Leśnej 3, Sękocin Stary, 05-090 Raszyn


This study presents the results of the structure analysis (quantity, frequency, sum of height, sum of height increment) of naturally regenerated silver fir under different light conditions. The photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) at 0,0, 1,5, 3 and 4 m above the forest floor was measured under various stand composition. It was found that the number and frequency of fir regeneration depends on the stand species composition. Mean daily percent PAR in the understory at 4 m above the forest floor varied from 1,23% under the canopy composed of deciduous tress (especially hornbeam) to 23,57% in stands composed of pine

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