Wybór wskaźników stanu zdrowotnego drzew możliwych do zastosowania w monitoringu biologicznym lasów na przykładzie wybranych drzewostanów świerkowych z Nadleśnictwa Szklarska Poręba

Selection of tree health state indexes applicable in the biological forest monitoring based on studies performed in the chosen spruce stands in the Szklarska Poreba district


  • Paweł Lech Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Zarządzania Zasobami Leśnymi
    Tel. +48 22 7153825, fax +48 22 7153837, e-mail: P.Lech@ibles.waw.pl


In three 60-70-year-old Spruce stands in the Szklarska Poręba Forest Division following measurements were done of over 100 Spruce trees (Picea abies (L.) Karst.): electrical resistance of cambial tissue, chosen biometrics features of needles and shoots, annual radial diameter increment. The visual assessment of defoliation degree was also done. Based on that measurements 17 indexes of tree health state were calculated. Then, the hypothesis about their equal likelihood diagnostic usefulness for tree health state evaluation was tested. The statistical analysis rejected the hypothesis. The visual estimation of crown defoliation lengggth of the shoot last-year increament and electrical resistance of cambial tissues while some indexes of assimilative organs biometric features — greatest.

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