Wzrost naturalnych odnowień sosny zwyczajnej i stan ich mikoryz po chemicznej ochronie przed osutką

Growth and mycorrhiza condition of Scots pine natural regeneration after chemical treatment against needle cast


  • Marta Aleksandrowicz-Trzcińska Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, Wydział Leśny, Katedra Ochrony Lasu i Ekologii
    ul. Nowoursynowska 159
    02-776 Warszawa
    fax: 022 59 38 171; e-mail: marta_aleksandrowicz_trzcinska@sggw.pl


Effectiveness and influence of two fungicides: Falcon 460 EC and Gwarant 500 SC on the growth and mycorrhiza condition of Scots pine natural regeneration was investigated. Treatments were done according to the recommended doses, once or twice during two successive vegetation seasons to protect natural regeneration against pine needle cast caused by Lophodermium seditosum. On the permanent plots representing different location in respect to the mother stand the density of seedlings and the degree of needle cast infection were evaluated, seedlings’ height was measured, roots were collected and the share of their autotrophic and mycorrhiza tips counted. Performing one or two Falcon or Gwarant treatments during vegetation season might be insufficient to fully prevent regeneration from needle cast, especially in the case of more severe disease endangerment. Falcon was more effective in comparison with Gwarant. None of the tested fungicides limited mycorrhiza formation nor influenced the growth of regeneration.

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