Zmiany zawartości metali ciężkich oraz aktywności mikrobiologicznej w glebach borów sosnowych na terenie Polski południowo-zachodniej w latach 1988–1997

Changes in heavy metal content and microbial activity in pine forest soils of southwestern Poland in the years 1988–1997


  • Józef Zwoliński Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Gospodarki Leśnej Rejonów Przemysłowych, ul. Św. Huberta 35, 40-952 Katowice; fax: 0-32 205 30 81; e-mail:


The investigations were carried out in Scots pine stands, adjacent to non-ferrous metal processing plants in southwestern Poland. A significant decrease in the content of heavy metals in organic soil horizons during the period 1988-1997, as a result of reduced heavy metal emissions, was observed. Simultaneously, changes in the chemical composition of emitted pollutants (ratio of acydifying gases to alkaline dusts) caused the changes in soil pH, leading to increased mobilization and leaching of heavy metals from organic horizons. Observed heavy metal dynamics in mineral soil horizons as well as soil microbial activity during the last years, show the deterioration of soil conditions in the investigated regions.

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