Protection of forest against pest insects and diseases – European Oak Decline Case Study – Tomasz Oszako

ISBN 83-87647-37-3. Forest Research Institute, Warsaw 2005. FREE

This study presents what is now one of the most important issues in the protection of forests from potentially-damaging agents, i.e. the phenomenon of oak dieback extending into several continents, though most destructively in North America and Europe.

The book contains a great deal of practical information that may be put to use in the protection of Poland’s oak stands from the agents capable of doing them damage. The impressive amount of literature utilized and cited raises the study to the level of a monographic treatment in regard to both the recognition of the disease-causing agents affecting different oak species in Europe and the employment of remedial measures, be these prophylactic ones connected with silviculture and forest protection, or measures associated with the biological, physico-mechanical or chemical methods of protecting oak stands.

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