Składowany surowiec świerkowy jako materiał lęgowy rytownika pospolitego Pityogenes chalcographus (L.) (Col., Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Stored spruce timber as the breeding material for Pityogenes chalcographus (L.) (Col., Curculionidae, Scolytinae)


  • Wojciech Grodzki Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Lasów Górskich, ul. Fredry 39, 30-605 Kraków
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  • Jarosław Plata Instytut Badawczy Leśnictwa, Zakład Gospodarki Leśnej Regionów Górskich, ul. Fredry 39, 30–605 Kraków


The field analyses of unbarked spruce logs stored within the forest, done in 2005 and 2007, revealed its heavy infestation by Pityogenes chalcographus (frequency 36 and 73%, respectively). The logs stored in sunny place were less infested, and the infestation density was not related to the section diameter. The frequency and infestation density was lower by 13 and 6.5 times, respectively, on the logs sprayed with lime. In 2006, high (88%) P. chalcographus frequency was found on standing, infested trees next to the place of experiment from 2005. Stored spruce timber can serve as additional breeding material for the pest, but can also be used as trap logs. The consequences of such untypical occurrence for the threat to the surrounding spruce stands are discussed and possible forest protection practices are proposed.

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