Forests and Forestry in European Union Countries – Forest Research Institute

Forest Research Institute – The State Forests Information Centre, Warsaw 2006, ISBN 83-89744-41-4, 83-87647-53-5, 464 pp., In English. FREE

Reports regarding forest and forestry in European Union countries presented in the book were prepared by professionals from particular counties for request of the Forest Research Institute. Except of forests and production characteristic in each country, data about forms and size of nature protection, ownership structure, forests accessibility to the society, forest legislation and forestry organizations are contained in each report. Due to high diversity of environmental, economical and social conditions, legal and administrative solutions are different in a framework of single country, so in case of Germany and Belgium forests and forestry were described at a level of lands and regions. The last two chapters of the book are dealing with forestry in agricultural and environmental policy point of view of the European Commission.

The publication was edited on the occasion of the 75th Jubilee of the Forest Research Institute.

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