Advisory Board

Botany, ecology, geobotany

Robert Canullo
University of Camerino, Italy

Agroforestry engineering

Ignacio J. Díaz-Maroto, Hidalgo
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Ecology, biostatistics, forestry

Jakub Horak
Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic

Plant pathology, turf disease, alternatives to pesticides

Tom Hsiang
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Invasive species, climate change, forest inventory and analysis, watershed management and restoration

Warren Keith Moser
U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, USA

International forest policy: comparative study on Japanese and international forest policy

Ikuo Ota
University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Land degradation, spatial data mining, biomass, transporation and urbanisation, agronomy, environmental applications, soft computing

Nilanchal Patel
Birla Institute of Technology, India

Molecular genetics

Ladislav Paule
Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia

Economics of woodworking, use of wood in various directions of its processing, bioeconomy, green economy

Ewa Ratajczak
Wood Technology Institute, Poland

Phytopathology, forest disease

Zbigniew Sierota
Forest Research Institute, Sękocin Stary, Poland

Environmental science, forestry, animal science

Maciej Skorupski
Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

Forest protection science

Iwona Skrzecz
Forest Research Institute, Sękocin Stary, Poland

Energy technology, ergonomy, renewable energy, forestry engineering, forest technology, renewable resources

Karl Stampfer
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria

Ecology, forestry

Jerzy Szwagrzyk
University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

Biological diversity, multicriteria decision making, sustainable forest management, non-timber forest products and services, criteria and indicators (C&I)

Bernhard Wolfslehner
European Forest Institute (EFI), Austria

Pathology of trees, rhizosphere microbiology and host physiology, alien invasive pests and pathogens

Stephen Woodward
University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Forest protection, pheromones, entomology

Petr Zahradnik
Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, Czech Republic

Growth models, dendrometry, biometrics

Michał Zasada
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Application of spatial information system (GIS)

Tomasz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki
Polish Academy of Sciences, Forest Sciences and Wood Technology Committee

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