Research and Publication Ethics


Data published in the Folia Forestalia Polonica should be original. Do not submit the parts of the manuscript previously printed in other papers or monographs without acknowledgment of such republication. Data falsification or plagiarism and any other measures that would lead to false conclusions are unethical.

Research related to Human Being

For the studies based on surveys, questionnaires, and social media research, all participants should be fully informed if anonymity is provided, during the research procedure, and how the data will be utilised.   In the case of people photos, the permission of the pictured persons is required.

Research related to using of Animals

Authors ought to ensure that their research procedure is under the commonly-accepted '3Rs (NSW Department of Primary Industries and Animal Research Review Panel. Three Rs. Available online:

  • Replacement of animals with alternatives wherever possible,
  • Reduction of the number of animals used,
  • Ensure the experimental conditions and procedures to minimise the harm to animals.
Research related to Plants

Experimental research on plants (either cultivated or wild) including collection of plant material, must comply with institutional, national, or international guidelines. We recommend that a

The authors should be following the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The data should include details of the populations sampled on the site of collection (GPS coordinates). Especially, in the case of rare, threatened, or endangered species it is important to provide permission that collection of the plant material was legal, for the author to describe that in the cover letter is obligated.

If not, the Editorial Board will reject any submission that does not meet these conditions.

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